All systems are go!

We are aware of a minor bug where some admins are being blocked from adding/editing users. To have users added/edited, contact support@frostsolutions.io or fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we will add them for you ASAP.


Recommended Mounting Height: 12-18 feet; for low/no-light areas, mounting too high will result in a darker night-vision image.

Upgrading your sensor unit? Download instructions here.

Relocating your mini-weather station:

If you plan to move your units for the green season, to prevent issues with your forecast, we recommend either:

    • Going through the setup process again by scanning the QR code on the side of the unit
    • Setting the GPS coordinates manually in the app; you can do this as an admin by clicking Settings>Locations and choosing the unit that has been moved (you can also rename the location here)

Assembly and Installation Video

Forecasts + Road Conditions

Adding Users + Renaming Locations (Admins Only)

  • Changing a Location Name: Click Settings > Locations and click the 3 dots next to the unit name.
  • Adding Users: Admins can add users by going to Settings > Users > Add User. For access to shared data in other groups, please submit a request using the form below.

Image Frequency + Requests

Announcements related to image frequency and updated video coming soon! 

  • Photo Frequency: We save photos every 4 minutes and download them to your dashboard every 8 hours by default. You can request a photo on-demand any time.
  • Storm Mode: When started, downloads photos to your dashboard automatically every 20 minutes for 4 hours.

Using Proof of Work

Setting Up Alerts (Admins Only)

Upcoming Feature Releases

  • Coming soon:
    • Upgraded cameras are shipping to existing customers soon! These include:
      • Night vision photo enhancements
      • Improved sensor housing to protect temperature sensors and extend product lifespan
    • Increased photo frequency all winter
    • Grid view – see all your stations at once in a “Mission Control” view
    • Other platform usability and design enhancements 
  • Just added:
    • U.S. units can now leverage Verizon in addition to AT&T and T-Mobile
    • Support for UK service
    • CrewTracker integration

Not finding what you need? Submit a support request here.