Check roads anytime, from anywhere.

Work smarter this winter with eyes where you need them most.

By installing the Frost Mini RWIS in key parking lots and roads, commercial snow removal managers can know when and where to plow using the most affordable, reliable mini weather station out there.

How can the Frost toolbox help me?

Calmer winters ahead

The Frost Solutions suite of snow and ice management tools is designed to give snow pros a leg up on winter. Our products all work independently or cohesively, depending on your business' needs.

Get all the information you need from the comfort of your bed, and set up weather alerts to keep you a step ahead. 

Will this save me money?

Frost customers have reported saving money in a number of ways. Our commercial customers see significant costs savings in the following areas:

  • Reduced labor costs for plow drivers through delayed deployment
  • Salt/chemical de-icing savings through timely application and more appropriate mixture/volume based on road surface temperature
  • Fulfill contract obligations optimally by better prioritizing areas of need, deploying the right level of resources at the right time
  • Reduced fuel spend by leveraging cameras and data rather than sending a truck to assess sites
  • Limit slip and fall liability by having historical data and images to dispute false claims and prove contract fulfillment
  • Streamline proof of work by documenting the beginning and completion of work with the press of a button
  • Read more about how Frost customers are using Frost on our blog

Be a Green Business

By using the data provided by the Frost Mini-RWIS, you'll be able to more accurately apply salt and other chemicals, protecting your lakes, rivers, infrastructure, and land. Read more about why this matters.

How do I integrate Frost units into my operation?

Depending on your business footprint and specific needs, we may recommend additional or fewer units of different types. Frost units can also easily be moved from one location to another in the off-season or as contracts change from year to year.

Which products do I need?

Our team is happy to recommend a combination of products based on your unique business needs. However:

  • Our core product, the Mini-Weather Station, is a modern version of an RWIS (Road Weather Information System) that provides customized forecasts, site photos, and more. If you struggle with microclimates, reliability of local forecasts, or justifying treatment to your customers, these units could be a great fit.
  • Frost Vision Cameras are AI-enabled cameras that monitor your sites for you, alerting you when snow starts to fall or accumulate. These are best for when you need additional visual coverage in areas your mini-weather station's forecast can account for.
    • Example: You have a mini-weather station placed down the street from a high value site that requires photo documentation when work is complete. This site may not require another mini-weather station, and would be perfect for a Frost Vision Camera.
  • Snow Depth Sensors are bluetooth enabled sensors that measure the actual and historical depth of snow, ice, or water. These are best positioned alongside your Mini-RWIS or Frost Vision Camera, although they work independently if needed. Snow Depth Sensors are great for contractors who have tolerance levels or pay-per-inch clauses in their contracts.

How many units and where Should I Position them?

For commercial deployments, the most common approaches are:

  1. Geographic representation: one unit per area of service coverage that have similar microclimates
  2. Specific properties that require a higher level of attention (i.e. zero tolerance or high risk of slip and fall liability)
  3. Outlying properties that can help reduce unnecessary drive time

Different properties may be better suited for one product vs. another. Schedule a consultation with our team to discuss your specific business needs.

How are the images and data points accessed?

Images, sensor readings and forecasts are accessible in an easy to use web-based platform that can be accessed from a smartphone, tablet or computer. We allow unlimited user accounts, each with access to custom alerts sent via email or SMS. Frost also offers an API so you can pull your data and images into whatever platform you use to manage your operations.

Can this help with Proof of Work?

With the touch of a button, your drivers can capture the start and end of their work at a location. The Mini-Weather Station will take an on-demand image and capture the air temperature, surface temperature, and humidity data points both before and after the job is done. These Proof of Work reports can be shared with whomever needs them: customers, management, sub-contractors, etc.

More than just a site camera.

While it's common in the snow and ice management industry to use cellular cameras, trail cameras, or other solutions to keep eyes on your sites, our tools give you more datapoints to better decisions. Frost customers typically find the units pay for themselves after 2-3 winter weather events by better managing their resources, plows, and labor costs.

Is this expensive?

Fast track to ROI

Frost customers typically find the units pay for themselves after 2-3 winter weather events by better managing their resources, plows, and labor costs. Base pricing can be found here, or contact us for bulk and bundle discount pricing.

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