Save time. Save money.

Frost Solutions’ mini weather stations allow snow and ice management pros to monitor weather conditions from anywhere with location-specific forecasts, customizable alerts, and on-demand images.

Your budget-saving secret weapon.

Make smart decisions about de-icing and plowing using Frost’s new and improved RWIS system.

More than just a site camera.

The Frost Mini RWIS

The Frost Mini Weather Station is equipped with advanced technology to provide data and images to you whenever, wherever.

A mini weather station including multiple sensors, a camera, and solar panel
Current Conditions & Forecasts
  • Full radar overlay
  • Localized weather forecast based on your unit's data (weather data is recorded every minute)
  • Pavement temperature and condition forecast (dry, wet, mixed, snow, ice, etc.)
  • Grip/coefficient of friction forecasts
Customizable Alerts
  • User-specific alerts for any current or forecasted weather data
  • Text message, email, and in-platform alerts available
  • I.e. "Notify me when the pavement temperature drops below 32º at any of my locations."
Day & Night-Vision Camera
  • Wide-Angle field of view
  • Night vision (upgraded for winter 2023-2024!)
  • Lens defroster
  • On-demand images 
  • Lifetime historical image access
Battery & Form Factor
  • 4+ year lifetime 
  • Solar rechargeable battery with 60+ day battery reserve
  • Easy pole or wall mount installation
  • Water and weatherproof

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Get ahead of your city’s weather events with ease, reducing accidents and injuries. We recommend placing the Mini-RWIS devices in varied locations around your city, like problem areas and microclimates.

Having up to the minute pavement temperatures not only helps us save on personnel costs, but also material costs. We can hold our crews back, saving the taxpayers." - Cody Dengler, Foreman, Joliet, IL

By positioning Frost units at your customers’ parking lots, you’ll know when and where to deploy your team first, how to adjust application rates based on pavement temperatures, and get proof-of-work at the push of a button. With four years of historical images and data, showing your customer your on-time and accurate work has never been easier.

“We rely on them for cost savings from a labor standpoint on start times as well as to make much better informed decisions on application rates with our liquids and granular applications." - CEO, IL Commercial Snow Removal Company

Snow management at airports is critical to operations. Image shows an airport runway with light dusting of snowfall.

Whether you are using Frost units on ground side or on runways, having granular weather data and forecasts are critical to aviation operations. Mobilize snow removal and de-icing teams 

As a smaller regional airport, the Frost system gives us a level of forecast accuracy we previously were not able to get in our area."

School buses sit in a row with snow accumulating on their hoods.

Keeping school grounds clear of snow and ice can be a challenge, especially when managing expansive campuses or multiple buildings across a district. Use your units to get accurate data and up-to-date images of each site from anywhere.

"The Frost units have been a great way for us to keep our contractors accountable. Not only can we see when and why the work was completed, but we can use the data and photos to make decisions about delaying or canceling school.” - Public School District Operations Manager

Frost units enable your property management team to better ensure your property is maintained and safe to navigate. Frost units also empower contractors to reduce oversalting, which can lead to interior flooring damage, driveway, vehicle deterioration, and salt burn to landscaping.

"We manage a high-traffic mall in another state. It's given me great peace of mind to be able to monitor the status of the lot, regardless of where I am, so the employees know it is safe to open."

Trusted in 35 states and 7 Canadian provinces.

We look forward to tackling weather together.

All-in pricing is standard including cellular data, unlimited users on your account, hardware break-fix, and more. Please contact us to discuss your custom quote based on number of units needed.