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Finally, an affordable and reliable RWIS device.

Air Temperature

Infrared Pavement Temperature

Dew Point


High Definition Day & Night Vision Camera

Best-in-Class Cellular Connectivity


New device, unmatched reliability

The new Frost devices feature best-in-class cellular connectivity to transmit data in near real-time. Our improved Frost devices are built to last at least four years, but breaks and wear-and-tear maintenance are always included with your annual lease.

Actionable data and projections

With Frost’s dashboard of pavement and weather condition projections, interpreting the data and how to use it to remove ice and snow is a no-brainer. We’ll flag the areas of concern to help deploy resources quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money.

Easy installation

Frost can be attached by anyone on your team in about 15 minutes. We’ll work with you to identify which standard utility, light, or traffic poles would be best positioned for Frost’s readings.

Clean, dry roads are safe roads.

By installing strategically-placed Frost sensors to monitor your roadways, you're opting in to near real-time alerts on the safety of your roadways. As soon as pavement temperature approaches freezing, you'll know, allowing your team to deploy resources efficiently and reduce the risk of falls and auto accidents as quickly as possible.

Save on your salt spend.

48 billion pounds of salt is laid on roadways each winter. While it’s easy to “lay and pray” that the salt is in the right place at the right time, Frost pinpoints the timing and areas of a city that will benefit from treatment based on actual and predicted roadway temperatures, reducing the amount of wasted and ineffective product.

Trusted in 26 states and 2 provinces

With this system we are able to monitor the road conditions throughout the county from virtually anywhere. My supervisors can easily monitor changing conditions and determine the best plan of action.

We had the highest output of snow this year. With the help of this system we were able to monitor the storm without any callouts or use of materials on the roadways. I can say without hesitation that in the past we would have mobilized the fleet and utilized chemicals as a precaution.

At Fort Wayne Public Works, our goal is to improve operational efficiencies by adopting new technologies in all aspects of our operations. This would be a prime example of how IoT applications will allow us to manage our operations better by being more timely, reduce material costs, minimize impacts to the environment and make better decisions on improving public safety.

We are at SIMA!

Visit us at booth #354

Or, contact us to set up a call and discuss how many units we'd recommend for your roadways.

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