The Snow Depth Sensor

Frost Solutions Snow Depth Sensors give snow removal professionals low-cost, remote snow, ice, and flood depth measurements.

Reserve now for Winter 2024-2025.

Highlights of the Snow Depth Sensor

  • Battery-powered sensor can be installed up to 15 feet above the surface
  • Measures and records snow, water, and ice accumulation every 10 minutes
  • Connects to a nearby Frost Mini-Weather Station or Frost Vision Camera to transmit data readings to the Frost web dashboard
  • May be installed without a nearby Frost device; data will be retrieved via a Frost mobile app
  • Trigger alerts based on current snow depth when installed near another Frost device
  • Outside of winter, the Snow Depth Sensor also works great for detecting and monitoring flooded roads

Designed for:

  • Snow removal professionals to check and document depth from anywhere– no ruler required
  • Commercial snow removal contracts with minimum plowing thresholds or pay-by-depth clauses
  • Municipalities with plowing thresholds for roads
  • Municipalities with flood planes or flood prone areas

Ready to buy?

Snow Depth Sensors are available as as a standalone unit, but work best with a Mini-Weather Station or Frost Vision Camera. Contact us for bulk and bundle discount pricing.