Smarter site cameras.

Introducing the Frost Vision Camera, the first cellular camera equipped with weather-detecting AI.

Reserve now for Winter 2024.

Let Frost Vision Cameras monitor your sites for you.

The frost vision camera
A small camera enclosed in a plastic housing with the Frost Solutions logo.
  • Solar powered, cellular connected camera requires no infrastructure to support. Install it where you need it.
  • Day and night wide-angle camera, with defroster, provides high quality visibility any time
  • Photos are taken regularly and can be requested instantly on-demand
  • Includes Frost Vision AI image recognition (We tell you when the camera sees snow!)
  • Includes customizable alerts and unlimited users
  • Includes easy self-install kit and instructions

What's included?

Frost Vision Cameras are a subscription product leased for $650 per unit year. This includes:

  • Camera with solar panel and battery
  • Frost Vision image detection service
  • Alerts
  • Historical data access
  • Cellular data service
  • Unlimited user accounts in the Frost Dashboard
  • Outbound shipping
  • Hardware break-fix

Add an illuminator (for areas without any streetlights/ambient light) for $50 (one time fee).

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