Upcoming Webinars

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Frost Solutions Mini-Weather Stations Demo: Friday, December 1, 12 pm EST

Prospective customers are invited to join this open session to see all the features, form-factor, and functionality of the Frost Mini-Weather Stations. Whether you are just curious or ready-to-buy, any are welcome.

Prefer a 1:1 demo? You can book any time with us here.

Completely redesigned and ready for the toughest weather conditions.

The Frost Mini RWIS

The new Frost Mini RWIS is equipped with advanced technology to provide data and images to you whenever, wherever.

Weather Forecasting
  • Full radar overlay
  • 14 hour weather forecast 
  • Pavement temperature forecast 
  • Pavement condition forecast (dry, wet, mixed, snow-packed, ice, etc.)
  • Coefficient of Friction
Weather Data
Weather data every 1 minute  and images stored every 2  minutes & on demand
  • Pavement Temperature
  • Air Temperature 
  • Dew Point
  • Relative Humidity
Day & Night-Vision Camera


  • High Resolution Images
  • 132 Degree Wide-Angle  Field of View
  • Night Vision 
  • Auto Adjusted Exposure
  • Lens defroster
  • On-demand image requests
  • Images stored for ~ 4 years
Battery & Form Factor
  • 4+ Year Lifetime 
  • Solar Rechargeable Battery
  • Easy pole or wall mount installation
  • Water and Weatherproof

We look forward to tackling weather together.