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The new Frost Mini RWIS is equipped with advanced technology to provide the most accurate point-specific forecasts, weather alerts, and site images whenever you need them.

Weather Forecasting
  • Full radar overlay
  • GPS point-specific weather forecast 
  • Wind speed and direction
  • Pavement temperature (°F) forecast 
  • Pavement condition forecast (dry, wet, mixed, snow-packed, ice, etc.)
  • Coefficient of Friction
Weather Data

Weather data observations recorded every minute:

  • Pavement Temperature
  • Air Temperature 
  • Dew Point
  • Relative Humidity
Day & Night-Vision Camera
  • High Resolution Images
  • Wide-Angle  Field of View
  • Night Vision 
  • Lens defroster
  • On-demand image requests
  • Images stored for ~4 years in case of slip-and-fall claims
Battery & Form Factor
  • 4+ Year Lifetime 
  • Solar Rechargeable Battery
  • Easy pole or wall mount installation
  • Water and Weatherproof

We look forward to tackling weather together.

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