A mini weather station for snow and ice management.

The Frost Mini RWIS

Get better visibility into your most important sites. Frost snow and ice management customers save on labor, gas, materials, and most importantly, time.

All the features you need to get the job done.

The Frost Mini RWIS

New and improved hardware.

  • Infrared pavement temperature
  • Day and night vision wide-angle camera
    • Special camera defroster ensures that snow and ice will not obscure images
  • Air temperature and humidity sensor
  • Solar-powered rechargeable battery
    • 50+ day battery life without any sunlight; 2-3 hours to recharge
    • Hard-wired version available
  • Cellular connectivity
  • No existing infrastructure (cables/electricity etc.) needed to install
  • Designed to last at least 4 winters

Simple, on-demand data and site images.

  • The Frost web app can be accessed from anywhere
  • View data, images, forecasts, and radar
  • Request images of any site with the click of a button
  • Set up condition alerts (i.e. pavement temperature has dropped to 32 degrees)
  • Lifetime historical data + image access
"This may be the best business tool that I have ever purchased in my 25 years of owning a snow removal business. The piece of mind it has brought me is truly amazing."
Commercial Snow Removal Business Owner
Ann Arbor, MI Area

How it Works

The Frost Mini RWIS

1. Install

Set up the Mini RWIS in your customer’s parking lot, a key intersection, or anywhere you need an extra set of eyes. It only takes about 15 minutes to connect to an existing light, wall, or utility pole with no extra wires or infrastructure needed.

3. View

The Frost Mini RWIS sensor data is captured every minute and images are sent on a regular basis to your dashboard. Set up any alerts you may need such as pavement temperature dropping below a certain level. If a storm is approaching, we automatically activate Storm Mode to increase image frequency to every 20 minutes for the duration of the storm. Images are also available on demand any time. Run into a slip-and-fall liability case? We've stored historical images down to every four minutes and data points every minute. 

2. Create

Create your Frost Solutions web app account. This is where you can come 24/7 to check out what your devices are seeing. Add as many users as you’d like to view the data. We’ll make sure your units are already connected to your dashboard.

A mini weather station from Frost Solutions with a temperature sensor, camera, solar panel, and more.

All-inclusive pricing.

We price the Frost Mini RWIS as an all-inclusive 12-month lease that includes hardware, software, shipping, break-fix maintenance, cellular data, unlimited accounts, and additional support.

Integrations made easy.

With the Frost API, you can easily plug your mini RWIS data into your existing weather or other management platforms.


We look forward to tackling weather together.

All-in pricing is standard including support, repairs, analytics, and more. Please contact us to discuss your custom quote based on number of units needed.